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Welcome to Lansdowne Private Childcare

Lansdowne Private Childcare and Pre-School Centre is privately owned and has been caring for children in Masterton since 1993. We are dedicated to providing high quality care & education in a safe and relaxed enviroment that we hope will be familiar and comfortable for your child.

Educational Programme

Lansdowne Private Childcare and Pre-School has an educational programme which is planned in advance with a combination of structured activities and free play, and is always flexible. It includes stories, music, puzzles, dough, blocks, painting, water, collage, dramatic play, fitness activities, sand play, cooking, self help skills and many other activities, which may include visits outside the centre as well as special interest visits.

The programme is based around the project approach and is designed so that children grow, develop and learn at their own pace.

We are committed to running our early Childcare Centre in a relaxed manner, promoting a nurturing environment which provides quality care and education where children feel safe, happy and secure, as they would do in their own homes. The children are exposed to a wide range of stimulating age appropriate activities and warm and caring staff.


Lansdowne Private Childcare and Pre-School

25 & 27 First Street

Call Toni on: 06 377 2448


Centre 1 (Pre-School)

is open from 7.30am – 5.30pm Mon - Fri

Centre 2 (Nursery)

is open from 7.30am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri


20 hours ECE is available to all three and four year olds. Please contact us to find out more.