All About Us

We are a multi-cultural centre with a programme of activities to suit all ages and stages of a child’s development, this includes allowing children to learn in their own time and at their own level to explore their imaginative and artistic capabilities and providing them with the love, nurture and trust they need in order to achieve this.

Our centre life is assessed and evaluated reflecting children’s individual development as well as group learning. Our wall displays and photo’s show children’s participation in centre life. We offer 4 year old children in preparation for school a group time which encourages self help skills and an extension to the day to day literacy and numeracy activities the centre provides.

Staff are selected for their personal qualities of warmth and love of children. They hold a range of early childhood qualifications or other relevant fields of training i.e. Diploma or Degree of Teaching in Early Childhood Education, Diploma of Montessori etc.


Our History

We opened Lansdowne Private Child Care and Pre School in January 1993 and are today one of Masterton’s longest running and most well respected early childhood centres. Initially we opened a mixed aged centre at 27 First Street Masterton, during the following years the demand for Early Childhood Care and Education at our centre grew.

To cater for this growing demand we opened our second centre at 25 First Street Masterton. Although not under the same roof, they are located next door to each other and are very much connected. Having both centres has enabled the babies and toddlers to have their own space (The Nursery) separate from the Pre School which caters for child aged 2.5 to 5 years.


Our Vision Statement

To nurture and support our children to grow and learn through their preschool years at an unhurried pace.

Our Philosophy

Lansdowne Private Childcare and Pre-School Centres are privately owned and operate under the provisions of the Ministry of Education Regulations 2008 and implements Te Whariki (New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum).

Here at Lansdowne we operate to a flexible routine where we encourage and value family/whanau partnerships and involvement within the centre. We believe that communication and consultation between families and the centre are essential for the wellbeing and belonging of all our children.

We are committed to running our Early Childcare Centre in a relaxed manner, promoting a nurturing family environment which provides quality care and education where children feel safe, happy and secure.

Our curriculum allows children to learn to the best of their ability enabling them to become confident, competent lifelong learners. Our centre life curriculum and assessment is evaluated reflecting upon the children’s individual interests and development and is further enriched through group interactions and learning.

We believe all children are unique and have the right to grow physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and culturally at their own pace.

Children will be encouraged to resolve conflict peaceably and to have respect for all.

We recognise New Zealand’s bicultural heritage. We are a multicultural centre which recognises, welcomes and embraces the diverse range of cultures within our centre and the wider community.

What to Bring

Please bring a named bag for your child containing a few basic items from home. A change of clothes and a packet of wipes should be included in case of wet accidents. Make sure that shoes, hats, boots, jackets and any other items are clearly named. Lansdowne Private Childcare and Pre School regret that they cannot take responsiblilty for unnamed items.

During winter season sending your child along to day-care in a pair of gumboots is a good idea as these are easy for them to remove and keep their feet warm and dry. For infants and toddlers and those children in naps/toilet training, please provide nappies and a packet of wipes as well as two changes of clothes.


Medications are the parents/caregivers responsibility. All medications being taken by children must be taken out of your child’s bag and handed to a staff member. Administration of medicine to your child can only be made on written instruction from the parent/caregiver. This is to be done in the medication book. All medicines must be in their original containers with instructions.


Childcare Subsidy

Childcare subsidies through Work and Income are available to a wide range of clients and we are happy to advise on the conditions which may apply to your family. It is also the parents responsibility to make sure that Childcare Subsidy renewals and changes in circumstances are to be notified directly to Work and Income.



20 hours ECE is available to all three and four year olds.

We look forward to a happy association with you and your family

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